Principal's Desk

HGI has indeed come a long way with the completion of the last decade and it is a great honour and responsibility to be the Principal of an institution for which so much has been envisioned. But we must realize that basking in past glory will only retard our progress into the inevitable future. To create an educational institution on an enriching 20 acre campus, which is both modern and progressive, while keeping our Indian values intact, is a formidable challenge. With every challenge though, I see opportunities. My vision for HGI is to mould the uncertain future with the good points of the past, to provide the holistic education to my students, to gear them to face challenges of a modern, fast and technologically controlled world with acumen and confidence.

Our faculty are constantly evolving approaches to teaching and facilitating active learning which promotes the holistic development of the child in a stimulating environment.This is an age of information and technology and it is imperative that my students are provided with the necessary facilities to equip themselves to acquire knowledge, to learn with joy and pleasure aided with audio visual aides.

Last but not the least the momentum towards progress is to be only kept alive by enthusiasm. it is the irreversible sense of energy that children find so attractive and contagious. So lets light the match and our students will carry the torch of enlightenment and glory.